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You are here: Home Living Churches Churches in Oberon Anglican Parish, St Barnabas ChurchMain Street Oberon, also Tarana, Mutton Falls, O’Connell Church Ph 0484 371 317 Church Email: oberonanglican@gmail.com oberonanglican.org.au Christian Life CentreAlbion Street, Oberon 02-6336-1500 Oberon Uniting ChurchMain Street, Oberon 02 6336 1468 Seventh Day AdventistDart Street, Oberon 02 6351 1366 St Ignatius Catholic…

Banks & ATMs

You are here: Home Living Banks & ATMs Banking & ATMs in Oberon Commonwealth Bank126 Oberon St, Oberon. Plus ATM. Reliance Bank157 Oberon St, Oberon. Rediteller ATM Royal HotelATM at the Royal Hotel, Oberon St, Oberon RSL ClubATM at the RSL Club, Oberon St , Oberon WestpacAgent in the Oberon Post Office

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Residential Care in Oberon

You are here: Home Living Residential Care Residential Care in Oberon Oberon Village Oberon Village is a 60 bed aged care facility, providing a full range of Government supported aged care services. Visit Website Oberon Multipurpose Service Oberon Multipurpose Service (hospital) has a limited number of High Care residential beds. More information here

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Drives and Rides

You are here: Home Explore Drives and Rides Drives and Rides One of the great road trips of the Central Tablelands, which overflows with fabulous scenery and expansive views, is the Tablelands Way. Leaving the hustle of the highway behind at Goulburn, head for the hills and the dreamy town of Taralga, where you’ll find…

Horse Riding

You are here: Home Explore Horse Riding Horse Riding There is something magical about seeing the world from the back of a horse! There are many horse riding opportunities around Oberon and especially accessible are the State forests, which have well maintained tracks. The Bicentennial National Trail also passes on the eastern side of Oberon. Being…

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Weddings and Celebrations

You are here: Home Explore Weddings & Celebrations Weddings & Celebrations in Oberon Oberon is fast becoming known as a great venue for a major celebration, including weddings. The magnificent scenery and affordable venues mean that more and more people are choosing Oberon as the location for their special day. Mayfield Garden Mayfield Garden has…


You are here: Home Explore Truffles Truffles Oberon’s cool climate is suited to the growing of truffles. Truffles are an underground spore body that can only be located by the aroma it creates as it ripens. In Australia, truffles are cultivated by infecting the roots of certain European trees. Truffles What better way to spend…

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You are here: Home Explore Fossicking Fossicking Fossicking is a popular and rewarding activity in the Oberon district, with a few designated fossicking areas accessible to the public where you do not require a fossicking permit. Gemstone hunting when the sun is shining is a great benefit when looking for something that gleams in one’s…

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You are here: Home Explore Fishing Fishing in Oberon Fishing is a popular pastime around Oberon and Lake Oberon is regularly stocked with Rainbow Trout and Golden Perch fingerlings. Swimming is not allowed in the lake due to the extremely cold water. Visitors may walk around the foreshore, if they keep close to the water’s…