Ten Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where and when can we go Mushrooming? 
    The season for Mushrooming is Autumn. The edible Saffron Milkcap and Slippery Jack Mushrooms can be found in our more mature plantations of pine forests surrounding Oberon during the months of March, April and May (depending on rainfall each season). Be sure to identify your mushrooms prior to picking, as there are many poisonous varieties.
  2. Are there areas we can go Fossicking which don’t require a permit?
    Yes! We have designated areas where you can fossick for gemstones, such as sapphire, zircon and also gold. Sapphire Bend at Black Springs, Little River fossicking reserve at Porters Retreat and the Campbells River crossing. For maps, directions and further information please call in and see us at the OVIC. We can even hire you a fossicking kit and give you a demonstration on how to use the equipment.
  3. Can I take my boat on Lake Oberon?
    Only unpowered and electric powered vessels are permitted on Lake Oberon during daylight hours. Water craft fitted with internal combustion engines are prohibited, even if the engine is not started. Lake Oberon is ideally suited to the use of canoes, kayaks and small fishing or sailing dinghies. A speed limit of 4 knots applies and the launching site is via The Reef Reserve, off Abercrombie Road. Life jackets must be worn at all times.
  4. How do I get to Mayfield Garden?
    Located at 530 Mayfield Road, Oberon and just a short 15-minute drive southwest of town, this magnificent garden is open 363 days a year with 160 acres to view and wander. Enjoy the farm-to-table menu at the café and visit the nursery for your plant needs. Contact: 6336 3131 or go to www.mayfieldgarden.com.au
  5. Can we take our caravan down to Jenolan Caves?
    Some of the oldest and most amazing limestone formations in the world and open every single day, Jenolan Caves are not to be missed. However, please leave your caravan at Jenolan Holiday Park, your chosen camping area or OVIC, whilst you are visiting the caves. The road is not accessible for caravans or large RVs.
    Contact: 1300 76 33 11 or go to www.jenolancaves.org.au
  6. Are we able to access potable water in Oberon?
    Yes! Oberon is an RV Friendly town with a dump point and potable water accessed at Lowes Mount Road. We also have two Tesla Electric Car Chargers at the rear of OVIC.
  7. Can I take my dog to Kanangra Walls?
    No. Dogs and other domestic animals are not allowed in National Parks. However, there are many other dog friendly areas where your dog is welcome in and around Oberon, such as State Forests and the Oberon Common, to name a couple.
  8. Where are the Museums and when are they open?
    Oberon Military Museum, Oberon Street,
    Contact: 0438 615 653
    Open Wednesday and Friday 12.30-4pm Saturdays and Public Holidays 10am-4pm and by appointment
    Oberon District Museum, Scotia Avenue,
    Contact: 0418 671 754
    Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 10.30am-12.30pm
    Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway and the Skoda Tatra Museums North Street,
    Contact: 0437 389 684
    Open the first Saturday of each month 10am-2pm and by appointment
  9. I’m having trouble finding accommodation in Oberon, can you help?
    OVIC Staff can assist with finding suitable accommodation for you, free wifi is available or you can go to STAY on this website for further details on accommodation in our region.
  10. Where do I go for live Snow updates?
    Oberon has four distinct seasons with the occasional snowfall. For more information about Snow in Oberon visit here