Fossicking is a popular and rewarding activity in the Oberon District, with a few designated fossicking areas accessible to the public where you do not require a Fossicking Licence.

Gemstone hunting when the sun is shining is a great benefit when looking for something that gleams in one’s pan! It also helps keep the cold away. There are a number of waterways around Oberon where fossicking is possible. The simple pleasure of paddling in the water, focussing on what is swirling about in the bottom of a black dish, is remarkably absorbing and relaxing.

There are also a number of dry areas where gems can be found, with a little effort. A sturdy shovel, a sieve and a drum of water to wash the clay off the sparklers is all you need. There are a number of designated areas around Oberon, including Sapphire Bend in the Vulcan State Forest.

Call into the Oberon Visitor Information Centre for more information and maps of where you can go.

You maybe lucky to find sapphires, zircons, industrial diamonds, and gold.

Rivers and Forests

There are some perfect designated fossicking spots in the area, which include Porters Retreat Little River Fossicking Reserve, Sapphire Bend, Campbell’s River Bridge Reserve, Campbells River Causeway, Brisbane Valley Creek and Native Dog Creek Causeway.

Forest NSW has more information here

More Information

The staff at the Oberon Visitor Information Centre will provide you with all the information you need to enjoy your fossicking adventure. If you would like to practise your skills  before heading out on your own, there is a Beginner’s Luck Patch at the Visitor Information Centre.

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