Lexis Hand Spun Wool

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Lexis Hand Spun Wool is approximately equivalent to 4 or 5 ply commercial yarn but that varies depending on the particular structure and type of fiber that has been spun. 

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Blue, Merino wool & Silk, 111m/32g, Blue/brown, Corriedale wool & Alpaca, 48m/18g, Blue/brown, Corriedale wool, Alpaca, 86m/27g, Blue/brown, Corriedale wool, Alpaca, 90m/28g, Gold/red, Blue-faced Leicester wool 100m/ 46g, Gold/red, Blue-faced Leicester wool 100m/ 47g, Grey, Kid mohair & Viscose, 50m/15g, Grey, Kid mohair & Viscose, 90m/22g, Grey, Kid mohair & Viscose, 90m/24g, Grey, Kid mohair & Viscose, 90m/25g, Grey, Kid mohair & Viscose, 90m/26g, Natural brown, Merino, 218m/50g, Natural Kid mohair & dyed silk, 74m/32g, Natural, Corriedale wool, 129m/55g, Natural, Corriedale wool,115m/52g, Natural, Merino wool, 70m/34g, Pink, Merino wool & Silk, ?m/32g, Pink, Merino wool & Silk, ?m/39g, Pink, Merino wool & Silk, 75m/20g, Tangerine, Border Leicester wool, 102m/32g, Tangerine, Border Leicester wool, 110m/38g, Tangerine, Border Leicester wool, 83m/33g, Tangerine, Border Leicester wool, 93m/32g, Tangerine, Border Leicester wool, 97m/29g