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Mayfield Garden Winter Festival


The Hawkins’ Family Parterre is a formal garden constructed on a level substrate, featuring symmetrical patterns created by the English Box Hedge and the Islamic-influenced pond which is all connected by the brick, gravel, and stone pathways.

Situated below to the Rose Garden and the Hawkins’ Family Croquet Court, the Parterre offers stunning views of Mayfield Lake and the distant hills which surround Mayfield. Listen to the peaceful sound of the wind through the grove of birches as you wander between the trees of the Italian Pencil Pines.

When the deciduous trees lose their leaves, areas like the Parterre come to life. In winter the hand-cut and hand-laid bluestone, which is the foundation of much of Mayfield Garden, is the star and the sculptures found throughout the garden, like the one at the centre of the Parterre, become the focus.
And if you’re lucky enough to come in the morning after a snowfall, then you’ll see what we mean by Mayfield magic.

To visit the Mayfield Maze and the 80-metre Cascade & Temple as well as all 65 hectares of the Hawkins’ Family Garden, visit during Spring and Autumn Festival


Jul 6 – Jul 21

Mayfield Garden

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