Corner Pocket Experiment

Escape the ordinary at Corner Pocket Experiment, a haven for plant lovers and sustainability enthusiasts. Our Oberon nursery isn’t just about buying greenery; it’s about creating a sustainable paradise. Explore the collection of cool-climate plants, grown and acclimatised locally. Unleash your green thumb with hands-on workshops on vegetable growing and eco-friendly practices. Join our vibrant community space to connect with nature, learn, and share a passion for a greener future.
CornerPocketExperiment is not just a nursery, It’s an experience.
A blurb about my consultancy business.

Reclaim Your Land’s Health with Corner Pocket Consulting

Feeling disconnected from your land? Corner Pocket Consulting, based at Oberon’s Corner Pocket Experiment nursery, can help. Agri/Enviro Consultant Kyla works with you to create a personalized plan for your property.

Kyla can:

  • Assess your land’s potential for plant life and water management.
  • Identify areas needing restoration.
  • Recommend suitable plants for your environment.
  • Connect you with local growers, landscapers, and workers.

Restore your land’s health and create your own pocket of paradise.

Contact Kyla today!

  • Phone: 0477 006 815
  • Visit: Corner Pocket Experiment, 10-14 Raleigh St, Oberon


10-14 Raleigh St, Oberon, NSW, 2787